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Business and Pleasure

Short-Term Airport Parking—FAQs From Prospective Customers

Delores Tucker

When you are planning to fly from an airport, arranging for transportation to the airport is often assumed to be a given task. However, if the airport offers short-term parking, you may be able to drive yourself to the airport, leave your vehicle in a parking garage, and then have your own ride ready and waiting when you return from your trip. Here are a few of the most common questions prospective customers usually have about short-term airport parking. 

How long is considered short-term? 

What defines short-term airport parking can vary depending on the parking facility you choose. Some consider short-term parking to be only a few days, while others may consider short-term to be a few weeks or any duration of time less than a month. 

Can you opt for monthly parking if needed?

Short-term airport parking is more common because most travelers are simply not taking months-long trips. However, some facilities do offer longer-term parking options for travelers that go on extended trips. If you suspect you need parking for more than a few days or weeks, it is a good idea to ask in advance to make sure you take your vehicle to the appropriate location for safe parking. 

Can you leave items in your vehicle while it is in airport parking?

Most parking facilities will recommend or even require that personal belongings are mostly removed from your vehicle, especially anything of substantial value. This is just a protocol that ensures your belongings do not inadvertently attract people with ill intent or are not left vulnerable in the event some unforeseen event takes place. 

How secure is the parking facility?

Airport parking facilities that offer short-term parking tend to be highly secure areas. Most facilities are in an enclosed and gated parking garage that only grants access to people who are picking up their vehicles or those who work in the facility. Further, you can fully expect that the vehicle will be under a watchful guard and possibly under surveillance during the stay. 

What happens if your return date is delayed?

In most cases, you will have the option to extend your parking time if something happens and you cannot pick up your vehicle on the agreed-upon date. For example, if you are expecting to be back from a business trip within a week but end up needing two weeks, you can simply call the short-term parking garage and make arrangements for an extension. Keep in mind, however, extending the parking time may come at a higher cost, and payment for the parking may have to be done in advance. 

Contact a local airport to learn more about short-term parking.