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Business and Pleasure

On occasions, my husband takes overnight business trips. To prevent loneliness, he often invites me to go along with him. Whenever I discover what city we will be visiting, I immediately start researching it. For instance, I map out landmarks we’ve never seen, restaurants with good reviews, entertainment options, and hotels that look appealing. By the time we get in the car, board the plane, or get on the train, every minute of our trip is already planned out. If your spouse travels frequently for work, consider mixing business with pleasure from time to time. On this blog, you will discover how to make the most of an upcoming business trip.

Business and Pleasure

Four Items To Pack For A Long Distance Charter Bus Trip With Girlfriends

Delores Tucker

If you want to get away, whether for a spontaneous meetup or for a girls vacation as a celebration, a charter bus is a cheap way to go. Charter bus costs can be split between everyone and can get you to another city without having to deal with airports or changing trains and public buses. If you are planning a girls weekend, you should book a charter bus for you and your friends to share. The charter bus can serve as a part of the vacation, as it will allow you and your girlfriends some time to catch up and talk before you get to the destination. If you are planning a long distance charter bus trip, such as with Werner Coach, here are four extra items you will need to make the trip comfortable. 

Seat pillows

A seat pillow is a good idea when you are taking a long-term trip. Long trips inside of a seat can cause discomfort to your lower body. For this reason, get a circular pillow for the seat. This will make it more comfortable for you and your friends to sit inside of the seat without your bottoms going numb. If you all will be traveling overnight,  the extra cushion will make it easier to fall asleep. If possible bring small neck pillows if the seats do not offer any neck support. 

Tablets and movies

Many upgraded charter buses are outfitted with televisions. If your charter bus has televisions, be sure to bring movies so that you all can watch a common show. If the charter bus does not have televisions, bring tablets with movies already downloaded to the machine. This will allow everyone to catch up on shows and movies that you have. If possible, upload videos that feature the destination that you are going to give you an idea of some landmarks to look during your girl's vacation. 

Noise canceling earphones

There are times where road noise can make it difficult to watch movies or to get some rest. For this reason, noise canceling earphones can make the trip easier. Over the ear headphones can remain on for hours without causing irritation to the ears. Pass out the earphones as soon as you enter the bus so that every can enjoy either silence or movies during the bus ride. Noise canceling earphones can be included inside of a small gift basket that includes eye covers for sleep, water for the trip, and a light snack.