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On occasions, my husband takes overnight business trips. To prevent loneliness, he often invites me to go along with him. Whenever I discover what city we will be visiting, I immediately start researching it. For instance, I map out landmarks we’ve never seen, restaurants with good reviews, entertainment options, and hotels that look appealing. By the time we get in the car, board the plane, or get on the train, every minute of our trip is already planned out. If your spouse travels frequently for work, consider mixing business with pleasure from time to time. On this blog, you will discover how to make the most of an upcoming business trip.

Business and Pleasure

3 Signs That A Hotel Offers Quality Accommodation

Delores Tucker

Online booking has made it easier for travelers to find a variety of hotels in their price range with the amenities they need. However, when you book online, you run the risk of being disappointed in the property. Besides the pictures, descriptions, and reviews from fellow travelers, how can you tell if a hotel will be right for you? You can start by looking for these signs of a quality establishment. 

A Small Menu 

Not every hotel has a restaurant, but if yours does, you should take a look at their menu. While you may be impressed by the variety of a large menu, having many different options usually means that the kitchen staff has to purchase frozen or pre-prepped foods. A smaller menu is usually a sign that the restaurant serves fresh, locally sourced food, and if they are serving you quality food, the staff probably cares about the rest of your stay, too. 

It should be noted that larger restaurants, with a high customer turnover and a proper staff to accommodate them, can successfully offer a fresh, quality, large menu. So, you should consider the size of the hotel when considering the size of their menu. 

The Service Amenities Match the Physical Amenities 

One of the main difference between 3, 4, and 5 star establishments is the number of people who are employed to make your stay comfortable. For example, 3-star hotels might only have the reception desk staffed 14 hours per day, whereas a 5-star establishment will have it clearly staffed 24 hours per day. Additionally, higher quality hotels may offer other service amenities, such as a concierge, turn-down service, and room service. When you see these services offered on a website, you can be fairly certain that your hotel is well-staffed, and that means that the physical amenities, such as the swimming pool and gym, will be well taken care of by that extra staff. 

You should keep in mind when you are visiting a smaller hotel or a bed and breakfast that many of these service amenities may not be listed. However, this does not mean that the hotel does not have excellent service. In small establishments, traditional concierge service may be done by the owner, and you will get a better idea if the service amenities you desire are offered by calling your potential hotel. 

Their Phone Service Is Polite and Informative

Every hotel tries to look good on the internet, and show they photograph a small sampling of display rooms and hire web designers to create an inviting website. Unfortunately, the website is a snapshot of what the hotel you are staying at could be. You will get a much better idea of the service the hotel actually offers if you call before you book. 

When you call, take note of how quickly the phone is answered and how the person you are talking to sounds. If they answer quickly and sound confident and accommodating, you can be fairly certain that the hotel is well managed and has adequate staff to offer you clean rooms and decent service.  

While you may make a booking when you call, you can sometimes find better rates for hotels online. You should be prepared to ask about availability, pricing, and a few of the service amenities and then make a decision about whether you want to book on the phone, online, or at all. 

With all of the hotels available, it can be difficult to find one that is right for you. By looking for these three signs, you can be confident that the place you choose to stay will offer a pleasant, memorable experience.